Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Infinite Object?

An Infinite Object is a looping video in a permanent display that you can't update. There are no buttons, no connectivity, and no app. Just one video, looping infinitely.

We call them Video Prints.

Can I change the art?

No. Infinite Objects are the same as a poster, print, or photo -- but for video. Each object has been permanently treated with the content it holds. You are not buying a gadget; you are collecting a video.

How long does it play?

Your video print is on an infinite loop. The content itself can be anywhere from a few seconds to 24 hours! But as soon as it ends, it will loop again. Just be sure to keep your object plugged in as the battery lasts about two hours.

What's included in the box?

Check out our Product Specifications page to learn more.

Can I make my own Infinite Object?

Yes! To allow printing of personal videos, we've released a Beta version of the IO Creator Tool. You can try it out at

If you are an artist interested in collaborating to release an editioned artwork, reach out to - we'd love to chat. 

We are always working on new things so follow us on Instagram @infiniteobjects or subscribe to our newsletter, and follow our blog for the latest updates.

How do I turn an Infinite Object on or off?

To turn on your Infinite Object, simply take it out of the box. Infinite Objects are meant to be always on and plugged in. If you’d like to put it away, the Object will turn off when placed back in the box.

Do Video Prints play audio?

No. We designed Infinite Objects to be "always on" moving images. Including audio gets in the way of an enjoyable experience!

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship to the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan. All orders placed from outside the US are subject to taxes and duties (including VAT) imposed by the customer's country of residence. Infinite Objects is not responsible for any packages held by international customs agencies and it is not the responsibility of Infinite Objects to make the customer aware of these agencies and their actions. Please check with your country's customs office to determine their procedures and any potential charges. If you neglect to pick up your package and it is returned to us, we will not refund the charge for original shipping.